AQUATICS Disinfectant

Liquid pool chemical

STO 14175996-03-2011 with rev. 1


For maintaining the water in swimming pools in a sanitary condition, for cleaning and disinfection of sanitary facilities, tiles, plastic surfaces, toilet pans, trash cans, etc. It has antimicrobial activity against vegetative forms of both gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, coliform bacteria, coliphages, sulfite-reducing clostridia spores, lamblia cysts.

Appearance and colour
greenish-yellow liquid
Mass concentration of active chlorine, g/dm3, min.
Mass concentration of alkaline components expressed as NaOH, g/dm3, max.
Light transmission index, %, min.
Mass concentration of iron, g/dm3, max. 0.003
Hydrogen ion activity (pH) of the aqueous solution with a content of 1 wt%, pH units, max.

Note: 1. Slight sediment is normal. 2. During the shelf life, the mass concentration of active chlorine may decrease up to 35 g/dm3.


Used as an aqueous solution. The automatic dosing device is used for the dosing of the product in the pool water. The rate of dosing is determined based on the free chlorine level in the pool water. The active chlorine content in the water should be continuously monitored and adjusted. After the disinfectant is added and broadcast over the pool, the free chlorine content should be 0.1-0.5 mg/l. When there is no automatic dosing device, dilute the product with water in a separate bucket at a ratio of disinfectant to water of 1:5 or 1:10 by volume, then add the solution to the pool water close to the water feed point. The dosage rates of the product are indicated on the package. To clean and disinfect the sanitary facilities, tiles, plastic surfaces, etc., dissolve 80 ml of the product in one litre of water, thoroughly cover the surface, leave to act for 15–20 minutes and rinse with water.


Plastic canisters of 10 l and 30 l.


Any means of transportation in accordance with the shipping rules applicable for the particular means of transportation. Store at a temperature below 30 ºС in a covered, dry, ventilated place, at least one meter away from heating devices. Keep away from combustible materials and acids. Protect from direct sunlight. The product retains its properties after freezing and subsequent thawing. Guaranteed shelf life is six months from the manufacture date.


Keep out of the reach of children, do not mix with other chemicals. If in eyes or skin: Rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice if needed.

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