AQUATICS Coagulant (granules)

Granular pool chemical

STO 14175996-19-2008 with rev. 1-4


Treatment of swimming pool water.

Appearance and colour
white or yellowish tablets
Content of the active substance expressed as aluminum oxide, wt%, min.
Content of water-insoluble residue, wt%, max.
Free sulfuric acid content, wt%, max.
Content of iron expressed as Fe2O3, % wt%, max.

Note: Granular product tends to cake during storage; this can be overcome by mixing.


Before using the flocculant, check and, if necessary, adjust the water pH to the normal value of 7.2–7.6 and free chlorine content to 0.1–0.5 mg/l.

PRIVATE SWIMMING POOL: The quantity of the product is determined experimentally and depends on the turbidity of water. In case of high turbidity and after the shock chlorine treatment (excess active chlorine content), the quantity of the added flocculant can be up to 200 g per 10 m3 of water. Pre-dissolve the product in a separate bucket with water. Switch filtration OFF and pour the solution around the pool using a watering can. Allow the water to settle for at least 12 hours. Remove flakes and suspended solids from the pool bottom with a pool vacuum cleaner and discharge them to the sewer. If an automatic dosing system is used, place the required number of tablets in the skimmer or the automatic dosing device. The product is then gradually dissolved and continuously dosed into the pool water, thus considerably enhancing the filtration effect of sand or zeolite filters.

PUBLIC SWIMMING POOL: Place the required number of tablets (may be added in portions) in the skimmer or the automatic dosing device at a rate of 20 g/m3 (depending on the turbidity) prior to the sand filter. Do not use the product with diatomite or cartridge filtration systems. Once the required water level is achieved, turn filtration OFF and allow the pool water to settle for at least 20 minutes. Remove flakes and suspended solids from the pool bottom with a pool vacuum cleaner and then turn the filtration ON. If the water turbidity is not completely eliminated, wash the filter and repeat the procedure. For continuous dosing, the recommended rate is 20 g per 10 m3 of water, depending on the contamination and the number of swimmers. The dissolved product is compatible with disinfectants and water treatment aids.


Plastic buckets with a net weight of 4 kg and 1.5 kg.


Any means of transportation in accordance with the shipping rules applicable for the particular means of transportation. Store in a cool, dry place, tightly sealed. Keep out of reach of children. Protect from moisture and heat. Guaranteed shelf life is 3 years from the manufacture date.


Keep away from acids and alkalis. Store only in the original package. Use rubber gloves. Wash hands after handling. If on skin: Wash with plenty of water. If in eyes: Rinse cautiously with water for several minutes. Remove contact lenses, if present and easy to do. Continue rinsing. If irritation persists or if you feel unwell, get medical attention.

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