Suspension polyvinyl chloride, Grade PVC-S-8059U

STO 00203275-244-2012


according to
STO 00203275-244-2012
1 Appearance:  
a) colour consistent white powder
b) content of impurities and foreign matter, pcs, max. 8
2 Number of transparent points (fish eye) in 0.1 cm-3, pcs, max. 6
3 K-value 80 - 82
4 Bulk density, g/cm3 0.45 - 0.55
5 Sieve residue, %:  
mesh No. 0315, max. none
mesh No. 0250, max. 5
mesh No. 0063, min. 90
6 Flowability, s, max. 11
7 Plasticizer absorption, g per 100 g of PVC, min. 30
8 Film thermal stability at 160°С, minutes, min. 25
9 Content of moisture and volatile matter, wt%, max. 0.3
10 Mass fraction of vinyl chloride, ppm, max. 5

New grade PVC-S-8059 U is a special product with a narrow particle size distribution, high porosity (over 30%) and bulk density of about 0.5 g/cm3. It can be used alone or blended by known hot and cold mixing methods with PVC with a lower K-value to make compositions for further processing on the conventional equipment by extrusion, calendering and injection molding. The materials prepared using PVC-S-8059U as a polymer base have high physical and mechanical properties and are resistant to low (minus 50-60°С) and high temperatures.


The suspension polyvinyl chloride should be packed into three- or six-ply paper bags, in special big bags made of polypropylene fabric. PVC-S can be transported by rail and by road. Polyvinyl chloride in bags, transport packs and special big bags should be stored indoors at least one meter away from heating devices at a temperature below 35°С and maximum relative humidity of 75%. It can be stored under a shed in storage areas protected from direct sunlight and precipitation.


Polyvinyl chloride is a combustible substance. Flash point of air-suspended particles is 624°C, aerogel self-ignition point is 486°C. Polyvinyl chloride does not burn and is not explosive on contact with water, acids, alkalis and aerial oxygen.

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For more details on the types of packaging for polyvinyl chloride and PVC-S loading capacity for various types of transportation, please see the “PVC-S Packaging and Transportation” section.

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