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 Chlororganic production
   Industrial-grade methyl chloride
   Chlorinated paraffin wax CP-250
   Chlorinated paraffin wax CP-418
   Chlorinated paraffin wax CP-470А
   Chlorinated paraffin wax CP-52
   Chlorinated paraffin wax CP-66Т
 Bischofite processing production
   Magnesium hydroxide
   Magnesium oxide
   Bischofite (magnesium chloride)
   GREENRIDE multicomponent ice melter
 Special purpose production
   Food additive E 524 (caustic soda)
   Ferric chloride, aqueous solution
   Sodium hydroxide pellets for industrial use
 Suspension polyvinyl chloride
   Suspension polyvinyl chloride S-5868PG
   Suspension polyvinyl chloride S-6149U
   Suspension polyvinyl chloride S-6669GS
   Suspension polyvinyl chloride S-7059М
   Suspension polyvinyl chloride S-8059U
 Swimming pool chemicals
   AQUATICS liquid disinfectant
   AQUATICS disinfectant SDSCCE (tablets 200)
   AQUATICS disinfectant SDSC (tablets 200)
   AQUATICS disinfectant FDSC (tablets 20)
   AQUATICS disinfectant FDSC (granules)
   AQUATICS pH-minus control agent (granules)
   AQUATICS pH-minus control agent (liquid)
   AQUATICS pH-plus control agent (granules)
   AQUATICS pH-plus control agent (liquid)
   AQUATICS coagulant (granules)
   AQUATICS coagulant (liquid)
   AQUATICS algicide (liquid)
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